My current favorite photo of NattyMatt

My daughter has given me the gift of being a baby. She hasn’t been worriedly delayed in any of her milestones, but she’s taken her time with most of them. She didn’t get a tooth till 9 months, crawl till 10, that kind of thing. Occasionally it’s frustrating, like when people innocently ask, “Is she walking yet? Is she talking?” etc. I feel like I’m letting them down and exposing her when I say no, not quite yet. But most of me is glad she takes her time. I get to savor her progress and the “baby” stage for longer. 
My daughter is also teeny tiny. I’m talking 1st percentile. And, for better or worse, she is quite attached to her father and me. Especially me. Knowing what I know about older kids and teenagers and how much they push their mothers away in the quest for independence, I’ll take it. She is attached and cuddly and wants to be held or touching me in some way about 75% of the time. 

People say, “Treasure this time now, it goes by so fast.” And I do. I actually enter my sleeping child’s room every night before I go to bed to put her blanket on her (I realize this is somewhat insane, but pretty much by that point I miss her). And if she wakes up, I scoop her up and hold her and rock her until she’s asleep again. It doesn’t take long. But I treasure every second. She’s starting to walk now and it would seem our “baby” days are numbered. 

The drunken baby walk