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I mentioned in passing in a previous post how much I dislike the feeling of overeating. When I was younger, this wasn’t a problem; I would eat to capacity and be done. Yes, I was inconveniently hungry again a couple hours later, but I stayed in good shape and didn’t have to deal with that sluggish feeling one gets following a large meal.

As an adult, my taste buds have matured and thus has my appreciation for food. I am no longer such a picky eater and often find myself getting lost in a delicious meal, only to end up overdoing it. Having learned to cook, and discovering my passion for doing so, has only amplified this tendency.

As I grow older and my metabolism gets lazier, I find myself having to exercise and, at times, keep track of calories in order to avoid weight gain and the subsequent necessity to buy new clothes (which would be fun but is not currently in the budget).

It sucks.

In an effort to simplify (i.e. not count my calories all dang day), I’ve decided to start the 5/2 plan for weight loss/maintenance. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically a plan where you eat normally 5 days a week, then mostly fast (guys get 600 cals/day, gals get 500) for 2.

Thus far I have made it through one day of fasting, which I felt was a major achievement. It was very difficult and unpleasant. I tried to think of other things besides for food but my mind always wandered back in that direction.

I chewed a lot of gum. I drank a lot of water/crystal light. I had to use the facilities frequently due to this liquid consumption.

I made the mistake of going grocery shopping.

I went on a short (tired) run through the neighborhood at dinner time, where smells of peoples’ meals permeated my nose.

A Marco’s pizza delivery driver drove past me three times (I have to a assume he was lost and not just trying to taunt me).

It sucked.

I split my calories between breakfast and dinner, (though I’ve heard having one big meal midday is preferable to some and may try this later) and actually felt somewhat satisfied by my salmon filet and broccoli dinner. They say it gets easier over time; let’s hope so!

I also read about a method where you fast every other day, which is supposedly better for your system. I may try that at some point, but for now I think two days a week is plenty!